The Lodge collection is based on the work of brassware. A precise craftwork  born in the mists of time. Any object arises from a flat sheet of copper or brass, this simple sheet  is hammered to give it the wished shape. Once it’s done the craftsman continues the hammering and realizes the wished surface finishing and which will give to the object its so characteristic aspect (flat hammering, grain of rice hammering or small hollow hammering. ..). The regularity of this operation is essential to guarantee the excellency of the object and is realized only by craftsmen having numerous years of experience. Finally last operation: the patina,  polished metal, oxidized metal or handled metal, it is the secret of every workshop to guarantee the sought patina. It takes several weeks to get a table.

Every piece of furniture or object is a unique art piece, the small differences between them are not defects but constitute their signatures.



Pierre-Marie Couturier draws his inspiration from his journeys in which he meets women and men who have real skills. On the basis of these moments of exchange, Pierre-Marie draws its collections but also selects the creations of these craftsmen full of talents. The journeys collection gather these creations.


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